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Why it is important to get your gas boiler serviced annually

If your boiler seems to be working as it should then you may wonder if you need to get it serviced every year. However just like any major appliance, your boiler needs to be cared for and checked on a regular basis to make sure that it is running safely and that it is as efficient as it should be.

We carry out the following work on your boiler to make sure its safe to use and to ensure its running efficiently. 

*If the appliance requires repairs this work can usually be carried out during the same visit.

  • The cost of a boiler service is £80
  •  Allow 1 hour for the appointment.

Recommended Boiler Service Upgrade

 For an extra cost of £15 we can test the water in your heating system using the ADEY Procheck.

  • The ADEY ProCheck test kit uses advanced technology to carry out a lab-style test for three main areas of concern; protective inhibitor levelscorrosion and pH levels. Whilst on site, a water sample is taken from the system and a dip test is carried out using the ProCheck strips. This strip is placed on a test card before being scanned to the app to be analysed and verified. A report with recommendations is immediately created which can be sent to you. 
  • We can then determine if your system needs cleaning or inhibitor needs topping up / adding to the system. 


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