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Cookers installed £70*

Hobs installed £75*


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Cooker and hob installations in Leicestershire.

Let us take the hassle out of installing your new cooker or hob. One of our experienced gas safe registered engineers will arrive at your home and fit your new appliance for you. We’ll make sure that your new cooker or hob is fully commissioned and free from any gas leaks.

  • Initially we will inspect your existing pipe work to ensure its correctly postioned
  • We will then carry out a tightness test of your full installation with all appliances connected to ensure you have no leaks.
  • Next install your cooker or hob fitting a new hose to your cooker and new pipework to your hob with a gas isolation valve.
  • We will check all safety devices and ensuring its working correctly taking gas rates and burner pressures and comparing them with the manufacturers specification.
  • Finally we show you how to operate your new appliance and then issue you with paperwork detailing the checks we have carried out and saying its safe to use.

A free standing cooker installation is only £70* (includes cooker hose, fittings and isolation valve).

Hobs fitted for only £75* (includes copper pipe, fittings and isolation valve)

Built in gas oven only £75* (includes cooker hose, fittings and isolation valve)

*If the location of new hob or cooker that is being installed has no existing gas pipe work therefore needing a new gas pipe installed we will give you a free quote for this work to be done.

If you own or rent a flat, maisonette or shared accommodation then you must ensure that any gas cooker or gas hob that you purchase is fitted with a FFD (Flame Failure Device) An FFD will detect if the flame has gone out and if it has it will turn the gas off . This is now law, and please don’t rely on high street retailers or bigger cooker/hob retailers to inform you on this (check yourself), I would estimate 3 out of 10 cookers I attempt to install have to be returned because they are without an FFD, so please don’t get caught out, call us if you are in doubt.