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Gas fire installations from £95


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Looking for a new gas fire to be installed

If your old gas fire has seen better days, or you want to replace your fire for a more efficient model. Then give us a call or book an appointment for a gas safe registered engineer to attend.

What we do when installing a new gas fire

  • We will then carry out a tightness test of your full installation with all appliances connected to ensure you have no leaks.
  • Next we remove the old fire if installed and clean the space at the back of the fire and check the whole of the chimney including the terminal (chimney pot) then carry out a flue flow test.
  • Then we install the fire as per the manufactures instructions, perform a tightness test then carry out a spillage test to ensure all fumes go up the chimney and calculate any necessary ventilation you may require
  • Check all safety devices and carry out a gas rate, pressure tests and compare with the manufacturers specified figures.
  • We finally fill out your warranty in your manual and register the new install then issue you a copy of the installation report.
  • The cost of a fire install is £95
  • Allow 2 hours for the appointment.

*If the fireplace has been previously used for solid fuel then the chimney will need to be swept prior to the installation of your new gas fire.