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Gas fire service from £55


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Why it is important to get your gas fire serviced annually

If your gas fire seems to be working as it should then you may wonder if you need to get it serviced every year. However just like any major appliance, your gas fire needs to be cared for and checked on a regular basis to make sure that it is running safely and that it is as efficient as it should be.

Gas fires are one of the most likely causes of carbon monoxide, yet the most unlikely to be serviced, make sure yours is safe to use and book a service with us.

What we do on a service

  • Initially we visually look over the gas fire to ensure that it still meets current standards and then we turn the gas fire on to see if there are any working faults.
  • We will then carry out a tightness test of your full installation with all appliances connected to ensure you have no leaks.
  • Next we remove the fire and clean the space at the back of the fire and check the whole of the chimney including the terminal (chimney pot) then carry out a flue flow test.
  • The fire is then stripped down and all the parts are checked and cleaned
  • Then we refit the fire, perform a tightness test then carry out a spillage test to ensure all fumes go up the chimney and calculate any necessary ventilation you may require
  • Check all safety devices and carry out a gas rate pressure tests and compare with the manufacturers specified figures.
  • We finally fill out your service record in your manual if you have it then issue you a copy of the service report.

If the appliance requires repairs this work can usually be carried out during the same visit.

  • The cost of a fire service is £65
  • Allow 1 hour to 2 hours for the appointment.